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Spring is back! And that means... Golf season!

April 08, 2022

the masters golf tournament

As spring has begun, we as a country turn our attention to many outdoor sporting events once again.  The Masters golf tournament is one of the most highly anticipated outdoor sports events of the year. This prestigious event has been held annually since 1934, and it continues to attract some of the world's best golfers. The tournament gets its name from the fact that it is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, which was founded by golf legend Bobby Jones. The Masters is considered one of the four major golf tournaments, and it is always held during the first week of April. The tournament consists of four rounds of golf, and the winner is determined by the lowest score. The Masters is known for its tradition and prestige, and it continues to be one of the most popular golf events in the world.

Golf is a beloved pastime for many people around the world, and it has a long history dating back hundreds of years. During that time, golfers have come up with all sorts of innovative ideas to improve their game. In fact, there have been nearly 1,400 golf-related patents issued in the United States alone! Some of the most important golf patents include:

- The golf tee:  Golfers are all too familiar with the golf tee and its penchant for breaking! This small, peg-like object is used to prop up a golf ball, elevating it slightly off the ground to make it easier to hit. The golf tee is such a simple, essential piece of golf equipment that it's hard to believe that it was only patented relatively recently, in 1899. The first patent for the golf tee was granted in 1899 to George F. Grant, who was one of the first Black golfers in post-Civil War America and also one of the first Black dentists and inventors as well.  While he never commercially sold his tees, his impact on the game of golf is undeniable.

- The golf club: It's hard to imagine a game of golf without golf clubs, but believe it or not, they weren't always part of the game. In fact, golf clubs didn't even exist until the late 14th century, when they were first mentioned in a Scottish document. It wasn't until the 19th century that golf clubs started to look like the ones we use today. The modern golf club was invented by Walter Pederson in 1925. His design was based on earlier golf patents, and it quickly became the standard for golf clubs around the world. Thanks to Pederson, golfers now have the perfect tool for hitting that perfect shot.

- The golf ball: In 1891, golf pioneer Coburn Haskell was looking for a way to improve the game of golf. He wanted a ball that would travel further and be more accurate. After experimenting with different materials, he came up with a design that incorporated a rubber core surrounded by a gutta-percha cover. Haskell patented his golf ball in 1898, and it quickly became the standard for the game. The golf ball patent proved to be incredibly valuable, and Haskell went on to become one of the richest men in America. Today, golf is played by millions of people around the world, and the golf ball patent remains one of the most valuable patents ever issued

To celebrate this historic rite of Spring, we’ve expanded our Golf Artwork Collection for 2022!  You can find many items for the golf enthusiasts you know here

golf patents artwork

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