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Accountant & Financial

The profession of accounting began in the early days of human civilization. As people began to engage in trade and commerce, they needed a way to keep track of their transactions. This led to the development of accounting systems.

The first known accounting system was used by the ancient Sumerians. This system was based on Cuneiform tablets, which were used to record transactions. The tablets were then stored in temples, where they were guarded by priests.

The next major development in accounting came with the rise of the Roman Empire. The Romans developed a system of double-entry bookkeeping, which is still used today. This system allowed for more accurate records of transactions, and it also allowed for the calculation of profits and losses.

The development of accounting continued during the Middle Ages. During this time, accountants began to use Arabic numerals, which made calculations easier. They also developed new methods for keeping track of inventory and other assets.

The profession of accounting really began to take off during the Industrial Revolution. As businesses grew larger and more complex, they needed accountants to help manage their finances. This led to the development of modern accounting practices and standards and the creation of professional accounting associations.

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