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Graduation - Attorney

The first modern-day attorney was named Clarence Darrow.

Darrow was a prominent defense attorney and civil liberties activist who represented some of the most controversial criminals in history, including members of the famous Leopold and Loeb murder trial. He would often take on cases that challenged legal precedents or tested social norms in an attempt to change the law.

Darrow's career began in the late 1800s and early 1900s when he defended several high-profile clients, such as those accused in the Haymarket Riot trial and the Scopes Monkey Trial. He continued to take on controversial cases throughout his life, including defending civil rights activist Marcus Garvey and labor leader John L Lewis.

Darrow's work as an attorney helped to shape modern-day criminal law and civil rights jurisprudence. His commitment to justice and equality for all people, regardless of race or social status, was an inspiration to many who followed in his footsteps.

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