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Chad Collins, veteran and graduate of the Air Force Academy launched Patents As Art in 2011.  Chad remembers, "We needed a gift for an attorney that had been doing patent work for us. We found a patent of the Balancing Scales (like the Scale of Justice you typically see representing law) and had it printed and framed. It was a patent from 1885 and we thought it looked cool. We presented it to him...and he thought it was great gift. That got us thinking why not develop Patent Art?  

Scales of Justice

We created a line of art from interesting, historical patents and started selling to museums, gift shops, and other distributors where we were used to pitching our products. We didn't get very far...there was not much interest. So we started this website to sell our art direct. The first month we only got 2 orders. We outsourced our framing and fulfillment and slowly built up our traffic. When Christmas rolled around and people were shopping for gifts, we got so many sales we could hardly manage it.

We brought the printing and framing tasks in-house so everything is done under one roof to mange quality and speedy fulfillment. Since our technical patent art made great gifts for guys in their home and office, we added other "Guy Art" like auto blueprints and sports maps. Since then, we've added art for everyone at home and the office like historical paintings and occupation-themed prints from select artists.

We use quality framing supplies and products. Our mission is to create beautiful wall hangings that display historical significance and provide artwork that is a conversation piece for your home or office. Our goal is to create a quality product that is delivered quickly. We typically ship art out the NEXT BUSINESS day...even the personalized products. We have sold over 10,000 pieces of art since our start...we hope you'll find something that interests you!