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Scuba Diving Equipment Patent, Art & Copy, Cousteau, 1949, 16x20

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TITLE: Diving Unit
INVENTOR: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
YEAR: 1949
PRINT#: C5039

Emile Gagnan and Cousteau invented the modern demand regulator and an improved autonomous diving suit. Their demand regulator would automatically provide fresh air when a diver breathed. Called the Aqua-Lung, they began selling their device in 1943. The original Aqua-Lung was an "open-circuit" design, so called because gas flows from the cylinder, to the diver, out into the water. Other scuba gear, invented earlier are termed "closed circuit," as gas flows from the cylinder, to the diver, through a scrubber (which removes carbon dioxide), back to a secondary bag, and back to the diver again, in a relatively closed loop. This type design is commonly called a rebreather, and its old pure-oxygen form is regarded as archaic and risky when used underwater. Cousteau's design eventually became the standard for all Scuba equipment.
Reproduction of the original patent artwork and application submitted to the US Patent Office.
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16x20 Print Only
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16x20 Matted & Framed
Quality wood frame with real glass
Overall frame size is 18-1/4" x 22-1/4"
Product weight is 5 lbs
Mat is 2-1/2" in width around art
Double-matted: charcoal (top) and black (bottom)
Frame is sealed and includes hanging hardware


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